Rope grown mussels grow on ropes, which are hung out just below the water surface, where lots of sun light, fjord water and food make the mussel grow faster, and already after one year they are ready to be harvested.

The meat quality of the rope grown mussels is outstanding because the meat is so young and tender, and since they live just below the water surface, they never contain any sand.

Due to the young age, the shells are very fine and thin and with a beautiful and inviting colour when served.

We only supply local, organic rope grown mussels of a very high quality, and of course they are subject to the same stringent requirements of fishing and control as our MSC bottom mussels.

We offer mussels in the following packing units

Jute bags
Jute bags with 5 and 10 kg

1,0 kg net packed with 10 net in a polybox with ice